Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Comments from Readers

Since the book launch in November, many readers have written to share their reactions to The Unveiling. Some readers found the book's characters interesting. They are based on real people, some of whom appear in the picture to the right taken in 1954. (Names left to right: Leah Rubin, Anna Rubin, Corrine Rubin, Yetta Rubin and Allen Rubin.)

It’s been great hearing from people, and I hope I’ll be hearing from more of you.

Following are some of the comments from readers:

A book for all generations - "The Unveiling is a book for all generations to read and digest. The Burin Family could have been my family's experiences in Eastern Europe before relocating to America and most specifically Pittsburgh. I cannot wait for my family, friends and grandchildren to read this compelling book by Leah Rae Lambert about the dreams, fears and accomplishments of three generations within a family".
Ann Stone, amazon.com review - 5 stars
Jacksonville, FL

Most Poignant Revelation How One Family Overcame the Family "Secret."  It was a wonderfully written book. The stories of the early days of Jewish immigrants in Pittsburgh were authentic and personally meaningful. It also brings out the stigma of those times in dealing with mental illness in one's family.
Reader Review - 5 stars

"I want to take minute to thank you for "The Unveiling." This is quite a story and I assume an important family memoir though fiction. I especially enjoyed the shtetl experience and the coming over. I learned about Jewish custom (didn't know what shiva was - I'm from KY) and a language that seems to have music and humor. The MI and stigma issues are tough and don't go away and few of us will cope as well as Ettie. I see this thoughtful book as a song of hope where hope is badly needed. You are a good story teller. Write another."
Charlie Sanders
Austin, Texas

"Fabulous book… During a recent cottage stay I simply could not put the book down and was, at times, very moved. What a story! There are so many facets and perspectives captured with such incredible insight!
The book deserves to be a bestseller!"

Sigrid Fessor
Toronto, Ontario